A downloadable game for Windows

Version 0.98.E-  E for Extra

 pretty sure bug free

Waves reduced to 50

Now With 56  *UNIQUE*  Towers

This game has been a passion project that has grown and evolved in so many ways over the years. Combining board game economy and strategy with the match 3 proper placement of auto chess games. I have created a nice sweet spot that I think adds to the tower defense genre.

For now there is no tutorial, to make it worse i would say it has a big heavy learning curve for non TD veterans. Just give it a few attempts and you will find out more on how to exploit the games systems to your benefit.


This game isn't going to be easy.  By design want it to be as tight and hard as possible, making it much more rewarding to those who can actually get far.

*spoiler alert* - Not quite there yet :(

Thanks for testing!!


Space bar - Pause

Z - Restart 

Left / Right arrow - Slow down and speed up

Tab - Toggle creep hp displays


  • Try to always pay attention to your 3 economic stats (mana, skill, Exp)
  • Purchase 3 of the same tower to have them merge into a stronger level 2 version, doing so often grants a unique ability to that tower
  • Pay attention to each towers tag types, and the associated tag bonus for that type. Try building around specific tags for the greatest benefit

Install instructions

Program is in zip format. 

if needed download winrar to uncompress it


Tri Towers Tactics .98.zip 9 MB

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